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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Can I make a picture bigger?

Yes, if you uploaded small image you may choose wallpaper with higher width and size than original image and then your image will be stretched. Although we apply algorithms to ensure enlarged images would look as good as they can we cannot guaranty quality.

How can I find out current image dimensions (width and height)?

After uploading images you should see buttons with height and width along with the appropriate arrows. Numbers on the right show your image size in pixels.

Why image is so small in the editor?

Image is zoomed in or out to fit your screen for better editing experience. You may press "Zoom +" or "Zoom -" to reduce image size on screen. Note there is zoom button with %. Percentage shows what is thumbnails size comparing to original. 30 percent mean that your original image is 3 times larger and displayed thumbnail is three times smaller.

What types of images can I use?

Allowed image extensions are JPG, JPEG, GIF and PNG. Check out web link ending or see image file properties to know if image is valid.

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